Terms and Conditions


All prices are subject to change without notice. The prices shown on the booking page supersede all previously advertised prices. We also reserve the right to correct misprints.


Invoices need to be paid within 21 days of invoice date. An individual invoice will be emailed for each shoot completed. A statement will be emailed on the first of each month. Invoices that are overdue will be subject to a 1.5% late fee per month until full payment has been made.

It is the responsibility of the agent to ensure all invoices are paid in full. If invoices are not paid in full after 3 months from the due date CP Creations has the right to seek legal action against the agent.


Debit/Credit cards on file will be charged before listing photos are delivered. No card information will be shared or sold to 3rd party companies and are securely saved within Quickbooks or Stripe system. Only the last 4 digits of saved cards are visible for verification purposes.


We welcome your check. Please note: Checks returned unpaid by your financial institution are subject to a Service Charge of the maximum allowed by law. Checks returned for insufficient for uncollected funds, together with Service Charges, may be debited electronically from your account or collected using a bank draft drawn from your account.


Cash or Check

Intuit Quickbooks Online (ACH Checking or Debit/Credit)

Stripe via AcuityScheduling


Click 'Book' to schedule a shoot no less than 24 hours before your preferred shoot time. The shoot will take between 1 and 2 hours. Most homes can be shot in 1.5 hours although some shoots may take longer.


The homeowner or someone authorized by the homeowner (the agent) should be present at the shoot to give access to the home and to discuss any special considerations such as what should be included or excluded in shots. CP Creations does not typically take photographs of closets, laundry rooms, or garages unless otherwise asked to do so by the homeowner or agent.

CP Creations will do a walk through of the home to make sure the package that was chosen fits the size and layout of the home. (i.e. if CP Creations doesn't feel they can effectively give 45 quality still shots and 3 panoramas of a home, the agent will be notified and the possibility of reducing the package will be discussed.) Once a package has been decided on, that is the package that will be shot and invoiced to the agent.

Packages cannot be modified once the shoot has been completed. Certain upgrades can be added on after the fact. Contact CP Creations to discuss options.


There are several scenarios that will warrant a re-shoot of a property. There are fees associated with specified re-shoot scenarios.

1) The weather inhibits the photographer from being able to complete the shoot. If it actively raining or snowing the photographer will not be able to complete exterior photos. If there is a power outage interior photos will need to be rescheduled. -No fee

2) The seasons have changed and the yard is greener than it was when the initial shoot too place. -No fee for the first exterior shoot

3) The homeowner has made changes to the landscaping or exterior of the property and wants new photos taken to update the look. -$20

4) The homeowner has moved or changed things inside the home and has requested new photos. -$40


Please make sure pets are contained during the shoot. Pets are never included in photos and need to be out of the way during the shoot.


If canceling or rescheduling is necessary, please give a minimum of 24 hours notice. Shoots canceled less than 24 hours will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.


Once the photos are done they will be edited and optimized for quality and delivered to you via a reliable online delivery system within 24-48 hours. You will receive an e-mail with a link and instructions on downloading your photos. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


All photos produced for the client may be used by the agent for all marketing associated with the current sale of the property in accordance with local MLS rules. Please note that the photos will be copyrighted by the photographer and a license granted only to the agent and NOT to any third party. Any usage of the photos by a third party, including but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers, or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by CP Creations.


A mileage charge will be added to listings over 30 miles from Collinsville, Illinois. Google maps is used to determine mileage. If there is a discrepancy in mileage, it is up to the agent to bring it to the attention of CP Creations within 30 days of the shoot.